How to Sell Your Music on Google Play Music

Google Play is one of the largest digital music stores on earth.

Distributing to Google Play puts your music on the same platform where billions of music fans find the music they love everyday.

LANDR digital distribution makes getting your music on Google Play and keeping 100% of your royalties simple.
How to sell your music on Google Play in 3 steps:

1. Upload your music

2. Enter your release info

3. Release it!

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Google play royalties: how much will I make?

Your Google Play royalties are up to 70% of your suggested retail price of USD$1.29/track when you distribute with LANDR.

For album sales, you receive the per-song suggested retail price multiplied by the number of tracks on your album for album sale royalties.

Streaming royalties from Google Play's streaming services are a percentage of ad and subscription revenue based on the number of times your song was streamed.

You keep 100% of your royalties when you release with LANDR.

When will my music be live on Google Play?

Your music will be live about 48 hours after your release is submitted to Google Play.

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How do fans buy music on Google Play

Your music sells in 2 ways:

1. Songs or albums available for pay-per-download

2. Through the Google Play streaming service

Your music is automatically available for streaming and download as soon as it's live on Google Play giving you 2 different ways to make Google Play royalties.

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Sell your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal and every other major store fast and simple. Builder your release once and LANDR will distribute it to every major store.

Reach your fans no matter how they listen and open up new revenue streams for your music while keeping 100% of your rights and royalties.

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