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The industry standard for instant mastering, our powerful AI-driven mastering engine listens to your song and delivers pristine, studio-quality music that’s ready for release.

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Find out why over 20 million artists have chosen to give their track a professional-level master with LANDR.

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From first-time dabblers to established pros, artists at every career stage have chosen LANDR to take their completed track to the next level.

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Unlimited revisions

Noticing a mistake is no worries with our unlimited revisions feature that lets you tweak sounds until your track is perfect and ready for release.

Reference mastering

If you have a distinctive sound in mind, simply upload a track you want your song to resemble and LANDR will analyze the track and apply its nuances to your music to achieve a similar sound.

Album mastering

Maintain a cohesive sound across all of your tracks when you master with our album mastering feature.

Personalized results

Your sound is unique, your master should be too. Adjust your settings to match your particular style to make sure you get a final product that matches your vision.

Unlimited free previews

Make sure your master is hitting all the marks with free previews that give you a taste of the end results before you commit.

Volume match

Compare your uploaded track to its mastered version at the same levels to ensure the engine is adjusting EQ, removing unwanted noise and producing desired results.

Ready for release

Your final master will be a rounded, versatile track that sounds great on any system, in any setting. Release it to your current and future fans without concern.

Hear your track mastered

Upload a track to see the difference a master can make.

Desktop app

Keep all of your tools together when you download the LANDR mastering desktop app, the most stable, most convenient way to master your tracks.

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  • LANDR has changed the landscape. You can now be at home and have a radio-ready recording without being in the studio.

    — Havoc (Mobb Deep)
    — Havoc (Mobb Deep)Rapper & Producer. Mobb Deep, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Nas

Hear your track mastered

Upload a track to see the difference a master can make.