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Frequently asked questions

Using the ‘Create new format’ feature in your library, you can generate an MP3 version of your WAV master, or a WAV version of your HD WAV master, at no additional cost.
You’ll need one master per track for your album, single or EP.

Revisions does not cost extra credits. The feature can be used if you’re creating a WAV or HD WAV file as part of a subscription plan, and lets you tweak your initial master to refine the sound you’re looking for.

Remastering a track with different settings (style and/or loudness) will cost an additional credit.

Remastering a track for a higher file format will also cost credits, but you can generate a lower file format master for free.

As long as your mastering subscription is active, your credits will roll over to the next month.

On demand masters give you access to all the same great features when combined with a WAV or HD WAV subscription.

Without an active WAV or HD WAV mastering subscription, revisions and mastering preferences will not be available for the on demand masters.

See the table above to learn more about features like Album and Reference mastering.

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