by Melodics

Melodics is the desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers and MIDI drum kits. The included 10 lessons will help you to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.

Turn the music you love into
the music you love to play!

The most enjoyable way to learn to play your instrument. Level up your skills with the music and practice tools that you put you in charge.

Learn to play with confidence

The best way to build your skills is through practice, and the hardest part of practice is sticking with it.

Melodics makes practice FUN, relevant and effective. Level up your skills with music you love, and use the tools that put YOU in charge.

Get more confident to play with friends, or maybe join a band

  • Get confident with the fundamentals of playing your instrument.
  • Be able to play in time, across lots of genres and styles.
  • Make the most of your practice time with structured learning, instant feedback, and ongoing encouragement.

Build your own live show, make and play your own original tracks

  • Build your rhythm, timing, and syncopation skills for playing live.
  • Get insight into structuring your tracks.
  • Have the confidence to deliver a flawless live set.

Upskill and make music you're really proud of.

Bring the music in your head to life.

Understand how rhythms and techniques work across modern genres.

Build the skills to get away from drawing your tracks, and start playing them.

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  • Melodics™ helped me so much with my fingerwork, get better at arranging songs, and get a real good feeling for how to go about stuff.

    SteveMelodics™ subscriber

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System requirements


macOS 10.14 or higher

Chromatic is compatible with most major DAWs that host AU/AAX or VST3 formats.


Windows 10 or higher

Chromatic is compatible with most major DAWs that host AU/AAX or VST3 formats.