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Stay connected and creative from anywhere with the LANDR App. Keep up the momentum by messaging, mastering, listening, and sharing your songs right from your pocket.

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Never miss a beat

Get notifications of project updates, communicate with collaborators, and trade feedback on your track. Leave audio and video messages or comment directly onto a track's waveform with timestamped notes.


Keep the conversation going

Create deeper interactions with communication features specifically designed for musicians on the go. Share your tracks securely with assignable privacy permissions and video chat that can stream high-resolution DAW audio.


Finalize your tracks

Upload music directly from your phone and get the renowned LANDR mastering treatment immediately. Whether you create on mobile or want ultimate mastering flexibility, make your music ready to share with fans whenever you are.


Check your mixes wherever you love to listen.
Play songs from your LANDR library to assess how they sound in
different environments – compatible with Bluetooth and Airplay.

Mobile App

Access your LANDR library anytime, anywhere.