The musician's no bullshit guide to self promotion

The music industry has changed. Digital distribution, music promotion and sharing platforms have caused a complete re-thinking of how music works—new ways to listen, new ways to create, new ways to share.

Sure, there is still a mainstream.

But the real changes are happening for independent music. Creators have more tools and freedom than ever. The rise of digital marketing has opened a giant door for independent artists.

Keeping the fires of success burning can be tough when it seems like things aren’t going anywhere. I’d get tired of being the stereotypical broke and struggling musician. I can't even count the number of times I've considered hanging up the mic for good in my 15 years as an independent musician.

But music has hands down given me my most cherished memories. The type of experiences you’ve probably had yourself. Nothing’s better than that feeling of accomplishment you get from sharing your work.

The tricky part is making that amazing feeling a sustainable full-time job. But it’s not as hard as you think. With a solid music marketing plan and some self-promotion tips you can have a sustainable music career.

This self-promotion guide will teach you the essentials of how to promote your music right. It’ll give you more time and freedom to focus on what really matters. Creating.

This 30 page ultimate playbook of self-promotion will teach you everything you need to know about promoting your project right.

You’ll find out everything you need to know about

  • Turning your music into a sustainable career
  • Getting the exposure you need when you’re starting out
  • How to sell music on your own
  • Turning hard work into real results (and how to work smarter, to reduce the amount of hard work you have to put in)
  • Getting heard by tastemakers in the music industry
  • The secrets of radio airplay, music publishing, digital distribution and music liscensing
  • Expanding your reach outside of your own community to a global level
  • Booking bigger and bigger gigs - from dive bars to stadiums
  • How to market yourself and your music in the right way
  • The essentials of effective Internet marketing

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Making music a career isn’t far fetched. But getting started on the right path is the most difficult part. That’s why we’ve taken the time to explain how to do it right. This step-by-step guide will allow you to turn your hobby and passion into a music career.

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