How to Get Your Music
on Spotify

It’s easier than ever to get your music on Spotify and share your tracks with an audience of over 406 million music fans & start earning money. With LANDR Distribution, you can quickly get your music on Spotify and 150+ other streaming music platforms and digital music stores. Streamline your music distribution & promotion with LANDR so that you can focus on creating great music.

Release your music in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Select the LANDR Distribution plan that best suits your needs.

Step 2

Access LANDR’s easy-to-use distribution wizard to upload your music and set up your release

Step 3

Once your release goes live, you can share its Spotify URL with your fans.

Earn money from your music with Spotify for Artists

As a Spotify Platinum Preferred Partner, LANDR gets you instant access to a Spotify for Artists profile and gets your music in front of your fans faster than other platforms. With LANDR, your music is submitted to Spotify and over 150+ streaming platforms and digital music stores with just a few clicks, including Apple Music, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Spotify Preferred Provider

Why Choose LANDR Music Distribution?

Uploading your music to Spotify can be a tedious and painstaking process. That’s because publishing your music on Spotify involves formatting and managing all the necessary meta data needed to ensure that you get paid for your music. LANDR Distribution takes the guesswork out of this process and helps you keep control of your music.

Not all music distributors are the same—some take a cut of your royalties while others will take your music down if you choose to end your subscription to their services. With a LANDR distribution subscription, you always keep 100% of your royalties and your music stays up forever, even after your subscription ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

After user submission, it takes 1 to 3 days for a release to appear on Spotify, from the moment it has been approved by our support team. All releases must go through a review and approval process to ensure they meet Spotify requirements. Expedited review is available on Distribution pro plans.

Releasing music on Spotify is not free but it's almost free! LANDR Distribution and LANDR Studio Subscriptions give you unlimited releases on Spotify as part of our plans starting from just $23.99/year.

With a LANDR Distribution plan, you have the ability to upload a cover song to Spotify after paying a small one-time licensing fee. Learn more about releasing cover songs here.

When your releases go live with a LANDR Distribution plan your Spotify profile will automatically be claimed, if it hasn't already. Once your profile is claimed you'll be able to log into your Spotify account via the LANDR Distribution hub and customize your profile.

You can submit songs for playlisting through your Spotify for Artists profile. Once you're logged in, click the Pitch from Next Release section to fill out your pitch. You can only pitch unreleased music and playlist placement is not guaranteed, so try to include as much information as possible.

It takes about 90 days after your release goes live for Spotify for LANDR to collect royalties and send the first payment to you. After your first payment, royalties arrive regularly on a monthly basis. There are a few factors that go into how Spotify determines your royalty payout. Find out more here.

When you have an upcoming release you can create promotional campaigns by adding your release to a LANDR promolink, which you can find in the promotion section of your LANDR Distribution account. Use this link to promote your music to your fans and make it easy for anyone to find your tracks no matter what platform they use.

Spotify premium subscriptions start at USD $9.99 and are billed monthly. Premium subscribers can cancel at any time.

 Artists earn money with Spotify based on its royalty pay-out system. There are many factors that determine exactly how much money is paid. In general, payouts are made per stream and are paid based on various pools of money available to various groups of artists on the platform. 

That’s why it’s not possible to determine exactly how much is paid per stream since the revenue share between artists and pool size is subject to change.

Creators can also earn money by posting merch for sale directly on their artist page and selling concert tickets that also show up on their artist page.

You need a certain number of monthly listeners to access these features and your concert tickets will only show if they're listed on a major concert ticket retailer’s website.

There are a number of benefits to publishing music on Spotify. First and foremost is the opportunity to be paid when listeners play your track on a per-stream basis. However, the platform also serves as an important music marketing channel that can broadcast your music to wider audiences through its curated playlists and algorithmic suggestions.

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