How to Get Your Music on Spotify

Spotify is the biggest and most popular streaming platform on Earth used by over 80 million music fans worldwide.

If growing your streaming royalties and getting paid for your music is one of your goals, Spotify distribution is an important step towards meeting your definition of success.

LANDR digital distribution makes selling your music on Spotify fast and simple.
How to get music on Spotify in 3 steps

1. Upload your music

2. Enter your release info

3. Release it!

We’ll make sure your tracks go live on Spotify and every other major store.

When will my music be live on Spotify?

Your music will be live on Spotify 4-5 days after your release is sent to Spotify.

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How to promote your music with Spotify

Once your music is live, get verified on Spotify, get on Spotify playlists and start promoting your music with your Promolinks page.

Spotify royalties: how much you’ll earn

You’ll start earning about USD$0.0035 - $0.006 per stream as soon as your music is live on Spotify.

Your exact per stream Spotify royalties will change month-to-month.

Earnings from Spotify are a percentage of Spotify’s advertising and subscription revenue.

Your Spotify royalties are based on many factors including:

  • The total number of streams your music generated
  • The location of your fans
  • The subscription type (free or premium) your fans used to listen
  • The total number of Spotify streams in a specific period

Most distributors will take a cut of your earnings. Keep 100% of your royalties with LANDR distribution.

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