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It’s easier than ever to get your music on Apple and share your tracks with over 78 million music fans. With LANDR Distribution, you can quickly get your music on Apple Music, and every other distribution service provider that matters.

How to Get Your Music on Apple Music

Step 1

Select the LANDR Distribution plan that best suits your needs

Step 2

Access LANDR’s easy-to-use distribution wizard to upload your music and set up your release

Step 3

Once your release goes live, you can share your release’s Apple Music URL with your fans

Get your music on all streaming platforms

When you distribute your music to Apple Music with LANDR Distribution, your music is also delivered to over 150+ streaming platforms and stores, including Spotify, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube and more.

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Things to know about publishing music on Apple Music

To publish music on Apple Music you need to work with a distribution service provider. You cannot upload your music to Apple Music on your own since Apple Music requires distribution services to properly manage and format all the data required to ensure your music matches platform requirements and ensure you get paid for your music.

However, not all music distribution companies are created equal. Some distribution services will take a percentage of your royalties, while others may take your music down if you end your subscription with them. Your best bet is to look for a music distribution service that won’t take any of your royalties and guarantees your music will remain live on streaming platforms, even if you end your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

With LANDR Distribution, you can get your music on Apple Music in 1-3 business days, this includes the time it takes for both Apple and LANDR to approve and publish your music.

Releasing music through LANDR Distribution lets you get your tracks on Apple Music as part of your plan.

With a LANDR Distribution plan, you have the ability to upload a cover song to Apple Music after paying a small one-time licensing fee. Learn more about releasing cover songs here.

After your first release goes live, you can head over to the Apple Music for Artists website to claim your free profile.

Artists earn money with Apple Music on a pay-per-stream basis. The amount paid per stream varies since payouts come from pools of cash allocated to various groups of artists. 

It takes about 90 days after your release goes live for royalties to start coming in, then royalties are paid out every month afterward.

When you have an upcoming release you can create promotional campaigns by adding your release to a LANDR promolink, which you can find in the promotion section of your LANDR Distribution account. Use this link to promote your music to your fans and make it easy for anyone to find your tracks no matter what platform they use.

Apple Music is a subscription-based service that costs USD$9.99 for individual memberships, USD$14.99 for family subscriptions, and USD$4.99 for students.

The primary reason for publishing songs on Apple Music is to get paid whenever an Apple Music user streams your music. However, streaming platforms like Apple Music also represent an important music marketing channel that expands your reach to new audiences via the platform’s curated playlists and algorithmic suggestions.

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