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LANDR Studio

A single subscription to the best that LANDR has to offer.
Annual, billed monthly

What you get

Included with all LANDR Studio plans:

3 WAV masters/mo.

Unlock premium mastering features like Revisions. Unused masters rollover so you never waste a dime.

Unlimited Distribution

Get unlimited releases to 150+ platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and TikTok and keep 100% of your royalties.

20 Samples credits/mo.

Craft your sound with 20 exclusive, royalty-free samples each month, straight from top producers to your DAW.

Online collab tools

Collaborate and finish tracks faster with a dedicated space to store files and get time stamped feedback.

Amazing VSTs

Harness the raw power of your creativity with Chromatic. Browse playable loops, sorted by mood to keep you inspired.


Blend and mix effects in a snap with 5 easy-to-use plugins designed to give you control over every part of your mix.

VocAlign Project 5

Tighten up your vocals and cut down on studio editing time with the gold standard in automatic vocal alignment.

High quality streaming

Share your music the way it's meant to be heard with high-quality DAW audio streaming and dedicated video chat.

Frequently asked questions

The good news is that you can keep your current plan and add LANDR Studio to your account. You can add Mastering and Samples credits to your monthly total, while taking advantage of everything else Studio has to offer too!

If you wish to cancel your existing plans, you will have the opportunity during the checkout process.

You can get LANDR Studio now, and your current plan(s) will be canceled during the checkout process. The remaining balance will then go towards paying for LANDR Studio.

You can also get LANDR Studio now and contact our support team to cancel your existing plan.

We’re always looking for ways to improve LANDR Studio and bring you more value and better tools to help your music.

Don’t worry though, your monthly price will never change so long as you maintain your subscription.

Your LANDR Studio will auto-renew by default.

Monthly and Yearly plans can be cancelled in your account settings.

Please note that canceling your plan means that you will lose the LANDR Mastering and Samples credits you’ve accumulated via LANDR Studio and access to all features included with Studio.

Each month, you get 3 WAV masters. WAVs are the industry standard for releasing music. Once you’ve created a WAV master, you can also download MP3 versions at no extra cost.

You’ll also get 20 Samples credits each month to spend on exclusive, royalty-free samples on top of unlimited access to free samples. Each sample costs 1 credit.

Any unused credits will rollover to the next month and will be yours to use as long as you continue to maintain an active LANDR Studio subscription.

After purchasing LANDR Studio, you’ll be offered the option to cancel your current Mastering/Samples plan(s). If you do decide to cancel, any remaining credits will remain in your account as long as you maintain an active LANDR subscription.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

LANDR Studio gives you access to Unlimited Distribution, which includes:

  • Unlimited releases, including singles, albums & EPS
  • Keep 100% of your royalties—we don’t take a cut
  • Drop music for up to seven (7) artists as part of a single plan

Note: Releasing cover songs requires an extra fee due to licensing.

Check out our help center for more information

Strumenti per musicisti moderni

Mastering istantaneo con I.A.

Suona come un professionista senza pagare prezzi da studio e senza apprendere plugin complessi.

Distribuzione a portata d'artista

Unisciti a LANDR e metti la tua musica su Spotify, Apple Music e tutti i principali servizi di streaming.

Potenti Workflows di Collaborazione

Condividi i tuoi master con amici, musicisti e collaboratori. Ottieni opinioni e fai diventare il tuo miglior suono una realtà.

Strumenti di promozione

Lascia che i tuoi fan ascoltino come vogliono. Un promolink per tutte le principali piattaforme di streaming.

Statistiche utili

Ottieni statistiche dettagliate e guarda dove ti “stanno suonando” e quando vieni pagato.

Contenuti educativi gratuiti

Ottieni le idee, gli strumenti ed i suggerimenti di cui hai bisogno per far crescere il tuo suono.

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