Leave your mark on the music industry.

We love music. We love musicians. 
Our mission is to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard.

Get a chance to work at the intersection of arts and tech. It's a unique opportunity for anyone who loves music and is fascinated by new technologies.

Work for musicians

Be creator-first. Bring your love of music every day. Stand with creators throughout their journey and remember that music is what drives us.

Innovate every day

Embrace changes. Take risks and leave your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to fail. Learn from it all. Show intensity every day.

Come together

LANDR is a conversation and you are a part of it. Speak authentically to move ideas forward. Be generous with your knowledge.

Create your company

Make LANDR your own. Contribute to the culture we all belong to.

Careers & Jobs | LANDR
Careers & Jobs | LANDR

LANDR is the creative platform for musicians: AI-powered music mastering, distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion and sample packs.

Since launching in 2014, we’ve helped millions of musicians create and get heard.

We take care of our own

The best view

We’ve got the best view of the city, a DJ booth, disco balls, snacks and coffee, and a wiener dog. Oh, and we're close to public transit.


We like to stay healthy and regularly get together outside of work to run, shoot hoops, play volleyball or whatever we’re feeling at the moment.


We believe in a healthy work-life balance, and strive to make our work environment and benefits the best they can be.


We regularly host parties and events at the office, off-site and around the world.


Our in-house audiovisual facilities are available to all employees. We have two mastering rooms and a video lab that doubles as a live room.

5 @ 7

Every week, we unwind as a team with music, learnings, and more—with the Mile End sunset as our backdrop.

We're hiring

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