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Give your users an instant and customized mastering solution by harnessing the power of LANDR’s industry-leading, AI-driven mastering engine and its patented machine learning capabilities.

LANDR's market leader status at a glance

20+ million tracks 

LANDR’s engine has learned from countless genres of music to give more precise, genre-specific results.

4.2 million artists 
have used LANDR

Numbers don’t lie. The amount of satisfied artists LANDR Mastering has helped with their music career speaks for itself.

1+ million hours of 
mastered music

Put the knowledge and experience gained from millions of hours of analysis to good use by mastering with LANDR.

The best of both worlds

LANDR’s groundbreaking mastering technology combines the experience of Grammy and Academy Award-winning mastering engineers and the power of AI to create superior-sounding masters every time. Intuitive analysis of every single track means no presets are ever used to create cookie cutter masters.

Hear the difference

Demo 1
Tiga — Fever
Demo 2
Alma Cora — So Low

LANDR is trusted by industry giants

LANDR's mastering technology has benefited major media brands. Our industry-leading engine and ability to quickly and efficiently offer up sophisticated results has made us a premiere market force.

Simple control. Custom results.

LANDR’s core features give users the customization they need with the simplicity they want. It offers a choice of three dynamic mastering intensities and styles, all carefully calibrated by leading mastering engineers to ensure optimal loudness and provide character and feel. This measure of control ensures that results align with their artistic vision.

State-of-the-art mastering services, available now.

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API Documentation

Access LANDR's Mastering service with a robust and easy-to-implement API.