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It’s easier than ever to get YouTube Content IDs for your music and get heard with an audience of 1.7 billion music fans. With LANDR Distribution, you can easily get YouTube Content IDs for your songs and get paid when they get used. You’ll also get your music on every other distribution platform that matters.

How to get YouTube Content ID for Your Music

Step 1

Select the LANDR Distribution plan that best suits your needs

Step 2

Access LANDR’s easy-to-use distribution wizard to upload your music and set up your release

Step 3

Once your release goes live, YouTube will monetize your tracks anytime content creators use it

What is YouTube Content ID?

The YouTube Content ID system is an audio fingerprinting program that allows YouTube to catalog submitted music, enabling copyright owners to identify where their music is being used on YouTube.

How is YouTube Content ID different from YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is an ad-free version of YouTube that lets people stream music from their devices. The YouTube Content ID system is a way for music creators to claim ownership over the music being used in video content. LANDR Distribution can send your tracks to both YouTube Music and YouTube’s Content ID system.

Get your music on all streaming platforms

When you get YouTube Content ID with LANDR Distribution, your music is also delivered to over 150+ streaming platforms and stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Tidal, and more.

Frequently asked questions about YouTube’s Content ID system

After you release your tracks, it can take up to a month for your music to enter  the Content ID system.

Artists should consider getting Content ID if they want to be paid whenever their music is used on YouTube. Without getting Content ID a YouTube video maker could use your music with no royalties paid to you. 

If your music qualifies to be released on music distribution services, it should also qualify for YouTube Content ID. Mainly, your music will qualify as long as it features only original content or if you’ve received clearance for any sampled, reproduced or reworked material.

YouTube Content ID is available at no extra cost when you release music as part of a  LANDR Distribution plan. 

You will have the option of selecting YouTube Content ID while setting up your release to ensure that when someone uses your music you will be given the option to monetize it.

After the initial period where YouTube is entering your music into the Content ID system, payouts will occur monthly. The more your music is used in video content, the more you have the chance to make money off of the system.

You can create promotional campaigns by adding your release to your LANDR promolink, which you can share on social media and reach out to video content creators to let them know that your music is available to use. Find out more about how to promote your music here.

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