Desktop App

A stable, distraction-free environment that gives you the power to master your tracks, communicate with collaborators and release your music without jumping to a web browser.

Master your music automatically

Export a track from your DAW to the LANDR Desktop App bounce folder for automatic mastering and preview in your song library.

Streamline your collabs

Collaborate straight from your LANDR Desktop App to leave and receive time-stamped comments on projects, host video chats and get desktop notifications.

Simplify your workflow

Create your music in one, stable environment with the Desktop App. Browse and download samples, master your tracks and release them to over 150 music streaming platforms without jumping to a web browser.

Powerful tool, lightweight package

Low resource

The app runs efficiently with a low CPU load so you can save your processing power for making music.

Quick and efficient

The app can be set to launch at startup. Docked in your taskbar, LANDR is always just a click away.

System requirements


macOS 10.9 (64-bit) or later


Windows 7 x64 or later