Cover Song Licensing

Do you want to release a cover song and earn royalties from it? LANDR makes the licensing process simple and easy while ensuring that you're fully compliant with copyright law.

Why choose LANDR for cover song licensing?

Dedicated support

LANDR has a dedicated support team to assist you through the entire licensing process. Our experienced team will ensure you get the rights you need, providing personalized assistance every step of the way.

Quicker releases

Our streamlined licensing process ensures that you get your cover song licensed quickly. Cover song licensing adds an extra 3 business days to the normal song release timeframe. See h͟e͟r͟e for more details.

Status reports

LANDR will keep you up to date with the status of your licensing application. LANDR distribution users get access to powerful analytics dashboards and crystal clear release status updates, so you can track song performance.

Pricing and fees

How much does a cover song license cost?

LANDR charges a fee of $15 USD for cover song licensing. This allows us to pay out the original songwriters and pay for the license. The license never needs to be renewed and guarantees that your song will be live on streaming platforms in perpetuity.

If you already have a license

If you already have a license for your cover, there is no additional fee. You can include your license in the proof of rights section while building your release.

For more information on pricing and plans visit the LANDR pricing page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you want to post your cover song on streaming platforms and collect streaming royalties from your cover song, you need a cover song license. Covering a song without a proper license can lead to legal issues. Obtaining a cover song license is crucial for staying compliant and protecting your work.

The original songwriter must receive a share of royalties from the sale or streaming of a cover song. LANDR ensures that these payments are handled smoothly, so you can focus on your music. You can find a page with more details here.

Cover bands avoid copyright issues by obtaining the necessary licenses for the songs they perform. LANDR provides the tools and resources needed to secure these licenses easily.

How to legally perform and release a cover song

Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your cover song release is fully legal and compliant. LANDR provides all the necessary tools and support to help you through this process.

You do not need permission from the artist you're covering to cover a song that is on Spotify. However, you do need a cover song license to distribute your song to Spotify or any other streaming platform where you can earn money from the song. LANDR simplifies the licensing process, ensuring your cover song is legally compliant for Spotify distribution.

Anyone can cover any song on TikTok, but to collect money from streams of your cover, you need to obtain the appropriate license. LANDR helps you navigate this process, making it easy to get your cover song on TikTok.

A mechanical license allows you to reproduce and distribute a cover version of a song. This type of license is essential for legally releasing cover songs. LANDR makes obtaining a mechanical license straightforward and hassle-free.

Once a cover song is licensed it does not have to be renewed. However, royalties need to continue to be paid to the original artist with every new stream.

Sign up for LANDR Distribution and follow the simple process to obtain a mechanical license for your cover song. Our platform guides you through each step, ensuring you have all the necessary licenses to release your music legally.

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