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Earn money for sharing
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No. Although it is recommended that you use LANDR actively to promote LANDR Studio, you can share your unique referral link with your audience once approved for the LANDR Referral Program.

Any music-related content creator with a substantial audience will be considered for acceptance into the LANDR Referral Program. All mediums are acceptable. LANDR reserves the right to decide who will be qualified to receive a unique referral link without any obligation to justify the vetting process.

Yes. You will have access to marketing materials such as product videos, tutorial videos and social media templates within your LANDR Referral Program dashboard.

With your referral link, $50 will be discounted from the cost of an annual LANDR Studio subscription.

A successful referral occurs when your unique referral link is used to purchase a new yearly LANDR Studio subscription. If your referral cancels their subscription, you will not receive a reward for that referral.

Payment will typically occur within 30-60 days of the date that your referral activates their LANDR Studio Yearly subscription with your referral link.

Your thank you reward will deposit into a Paypal account. You must have an active Paypal account to receive your reward.

You can share the referral link an unlimited amount of times.

You will earn $50 USD for each successful referral.

No. As a creator, we are offering you an unlimited amount of successful referral opportunities.

Once you join the LANDR Referral Program, you will have access to a dashboard to track your referrals and earnings.

No. Your referral link will only trigger a discount for one annual LANDR Studio subscription. The subscription will renew at full price when it has reached its annual term limit.