Music distribution made easy

You don’t need a label behind you to do this thing right.

Maintain your independence while you get all of the support of a signed artist when you distribute your music with LANDR. Promo tools. Access to industry experts. Complete control of your release.

From solo artists to bands, we can get you in the ears of your fans on multiple platforms.

Let’s get your songs out into the world.

Keep it, you earned it

We won’t come at you with hidden fees, so you can rest assured that 100% of your royalties from over 150 streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok and more go straight into your pocket. Our music distribution service makes publishing your best work out there hassle-free and headache-free.

As an artist, you work hard on your masterpieces. You deserve to be heard and rewarded. It’s time to take the reins of your own music career.

Our music distribution services will get you where you can be in the ears of fans who can truly appreciate your craft. It’s time to get global with music distribution services that can give you more exposure on multiple online streaming platforms and online stores without cutting into your pockets.

Control what counts

Take control over music distribution and sell your music online via streaming services and music stores. Make sure every collaborator on your project gets their fair share with royalty splits, the easy way to maintain control of your money flow.

Everyone gets the cut they deserve, and you get to focus your energy on creating music. It’s a win-win. Song distribution has never been this easy!

L&R: a playlist for every mood

Release with LANDR. Get on a L&R playlist.

L&R—5 eclectic playlists featuring everything new and hot from artists in the LANDR community. 

L&R Chill
L&R Distort
L&R Heat
L&R Neon
L&R Cafe

Discover deep cuts and future hits from up-and-coming musicians and get on a list to increase your exposure.

LANDR is probably the best music distribution company out there, especially in terms of customer support… I’ll probably be recommending LANDR to every artist that comes through my studio for the rest of my career.

Exalt RecordingLANDR user

LANDR Studio:
put it all in one place

LANDR Studio lets you own your processes and up your game with an end-to-end production suite that gives you the power to create, collaborate, master and distribute your music from wherever you work best.

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