Stay focused
with the LANDR Desktop App

Upgrade your DAW workflow by bringing the complete LANDR platform into your desktop. Master your tracks, collaborate, create and more—all without ever having to open a browser.

Master music as easily as exporting a track 

With the app’s parallel pathing, you can preview your master anytime by simply exporting the track to your LANDR bounce folder. The LANDR mastering engine does the job in the background so you can stay focused on your work and check the end result at your convenience. 

Powerful tool, lightweight package

Low resource

The app runs efficiently with a low CPU load so you can save your processing power for making music.

Quick and efficient

The app can be set to launch at startup. Docked in your taskbar, LANDR is always just a click away.

Better collaboration without distraction

Keep the conversation going without having to open your browser. 

Native desktop notifications mean that you never miss a project update, message from a collaborator, or feedback from a client. Leave timestamped comments in projects, upload revisions or start a Sessions video chat right from the app.

Optimize your workflow with the LANDR Desktop app.


macOS 10.9 (64-bit) or later


Windows 7 x64 or later