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Trusted by Grammy Award winners and over 5 million musicians globally, LANDR lets you harness the music industry’s greatest AI mastering algorithm to consistently take your music from good to great.

What is mastering? Learn more about why you should master your tracks before you release them.


by giants.
by millions.

LANDR is the only online mastering service that top audio engineers and major labels trust to produce pristine, release-ready masters for artists like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Seal, and more.

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Real AI mastering.
Really impressive results.

No presets here, this is the real deal. Our online mastering engine
uses AI to pull knowledge from thousands of mastered songs to offer
a unique mastering chain for every track.

Powerful intelligence

AI isn’t just a buzzword for us. Our legendary, patented mastering algorithm thoroughly analyzes tracks and customizes the processing to create results that sound incredible on any speaker.

Unmatched workflow

Master songs from your web browser, Desktop App or Mobile App, and use the bounce folder and preference presets to simplify your process. 

The most comprehensive
toolkit for online mastering


Rework your track with unlimited masters to ensure your final WAV sounds exactly as you envisioned.

Album mastering

Create a seamless listening experience across your entire album, EP, or mixtape when you use album mastering.

Reference mastering

Upload a reference track for analysis and get an AI reference master of your track with a similar sound profile.

Volume matching

When previewing, match the input and output’s volume to more accurately hear EQ, stereo width, and distortion improvements.

Free mastering previews

Get unlimited free mastering previews—master the full song only when you love what you hear.

Optimized for streaming

Get release-ready tracks in MP3, WAV, or HD WAV formats that always sound great no matter where you listen.

This is where the magic happens

Take a look under the hood and see how mastering with LANDR works.

Stay in your flow

LANDR Mastering Plugin gives you fast, pro-level AI masters while you work in your DAW. Shape your sound and make revisions without disrupting your workflow.

Easy. Efficient.

Test drive the LANDR mastering engine and hear your song
come alive with fast, affordable, pro-grade audio mastering.

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