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Thanks to LANDR Distribution, you can get your music out on Spotify, the world’s largest streaming platform.

Releasing with LANDR also allows you to get instantly verified thanks to Spotify for Artists. Customize your artist profile, pitch to Spotify playlists, add a Canvas to tracks and more with a suite of creative tools designed to help you build your fanbase.

All you need to get started is a live release through LANDR Distribution.

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What Spotify for Artists offers

Joining Spotify for Artists gives you several benefits, including:

▫ An instant blue verified checkmark on your Spotify artist profile

▫ The ability to edit your profile with images, a bio, artist playlists, and more

▫ Access to in-depth streaming stats

▫ Spotify URIs to create promo campaigns

▫ Fan development tools like pitching to playlist editors, adding Canvas to tracks, and more

▫ A dedicated support team to answer all of your questions

How do I get my music on Spotify?

Getting your release out to the world is easy, thanks to LANDR Distribution. When releasing with us, your music goes to over 150 platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and TikTok. 

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Accessing your Spotify for Artists profile is easy

Once your release is live, you can join Spotify for Artists with one simple click through LANDR Distribution.

Make sure you get the most out of your Spotify profile

Getting Spotify Verified is only the first step! We’ve created a guide that lets you make sure your profile is decked out with the type of information and content your fans want.

Distributing with LANDR

▫ Release to 150+ stores

Get your music on all the platforms that matter, including Spotify, TikTok and Apple Music.

▫ Keep 100% of your rights

There are no hidden fees! Content ID, ISRCs and UPC codes provided with every release and you get to keep 100% of your rights.

▫ Get music out faster

Get your release approved in two business days with LANDR Distribution.

Join over 3 million musicians already using LANDR. 

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