by Audified

Make sure your mix is tight by previewing your track on simulated audio devices like tablets, laptops, earbuds, car speakers, and more.

Make your mix exceptional for everyone

MixChecker is a unique and useful plugin to help your mixes. Simulating consumer devices, MixChecker helps to quickly check reference mixes without extra exports. With simple UI and intuitive controls, MixChecker helps you save time and find mistakes in your mix.


Choose from 12 different consumer devices. We made sure that the simulations represent the most accurate representation of each device.

How we made it

We've spent weeks measuring the frequency responses and other behavior of all the devices in laboratory conditions to create the accurate models you can rely on.

A precise definition of devices and listening environments ensures you get the best simulations to test your reference mixes in real time.

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  • MixChecker makes mixing for the people plain sailing

    Rounik Sethi
    Rounik SethiAsk.Audio Executive editor

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System requirements


MacOS X 10.11 or higher
Apple Silicon Native

(VST3 64b, AAX 64b, AU 64b)


Windows 7 and newer

(VST3 64b, AAX 64b)