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By artists, for artists

Discover and browse playable sets from your favorite creators and up-and-coming artists and producers.

Lightning fast creations

Sketch ideas in a heartbeat with inspiring sets and creative effects that make it fun and easy to mix and compose.

Quality uncompromised

Get studio-quality results every time you create with loop sets designed to help you develop your style and channel your creativity into breathtaking music.


Rising Voices
Olivia Grace Schroeder - Fractured Lullabies
Percussive Motion
Ben Aylon - Analog Alfaia
Dirk Dresselhaus -Choral 6 String
Pawn Shop Finds
Nathan Lindsay - Synthscape
Drum Roll
Rory Carlile - Classic Breaks
Cinematic Textures
Brueder Selke - Philharmonic Suspense
Bass Pressure
Marco Shuttle - Analog Modular Bass
Chill Vibes
Idan Morim - Babylon Nights

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System requirements


macOS 10.14 or higher



Windows 10 or higher



Simply head over to the Chromatic installer page and follow the instructions in the wizard. You may need to rescan for plugins or enable VST3 support in your DAW.

Chromatic is compatible with most major DAWs that host AU/AAX or VST3 formats. You may need to rescan for plugins or enable VST3 support in your DAW.

Chromatic is free to use and comes with free content to get you started. You can unlock the full library, including new content every day starting at $9.99/mo. Chromatic is available with LANDR Studio, LANDR Studio Pro, and Plugin subscriptions.

Yes! All Chromatic content is royalty-free.

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