by Modalics

Unleash your musical creativity with the EON-Arp rhythm and melody arpeggiator. This easy-to-use tool offers hundreds of chord progressions and a built-in mini-synth, perfect for quickly shaping unique musical phrases and igniting your creative spark.

Your new creative sidekick

Designed for both beginners and seasoned musicians, this tool offers a seamless experience in crafting interesting chord chops and unique polyrhythmic melodies

Equipped with inspiration

Pre-loaded with synth patches, you can get started instantly for immediate arpeggiated results – and get creative with effects controls

Bring your music to life

Integrate easily into your set up, using EON-Arp as an arpeggiator on your own synthesisers, or simply input your MIDI data and utilise EON-Arp’s synth sounds


100+ chord sequences and scales for instant inspiration to suit your track

2 Wavetable Oscillators with dozens of wavetables

Sine sub oscillator 

Unison control

Filter module with key-tracking

Attack, decay, sustain and release controls

Filtered delay


EON-Arp is included
with LANDR Studio

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