The LANDR FX plugin suite grants instant access to tried and true mixing techniques, versatile presets for all styles and genres, and powerful audio processing. Get to the sound you need faster with results you can trust.

Bring every part of your mix to life.

Intuitive quality

Simple never sounded so good

Whether you're a hobbyist or a pro, time is valuable. Skip the endless tweaking and get to a professional sound quickly with LANDR FX. Harness the experience of award-winning engineers with a single knob.

Dial in your sound

The total toolkit

Produce lush tracks no matter your style, genre or instrument with a complete suite of multi-FX plugins that work with any mix.

Powerful presets

Fast track your creativity with over 240 meticulously crafted presets that deliver polished sound instantly.

Simple control

Get to the sound you crave faster with an easy-to-use blender dial that takes the guesswork out of complex mixing techniques.

What’s included

The LANDR FX suite includes 5 plugins specifically crafted to bring every part of your mix to life.


Perfect and polish your vocal tracks with the help of professionally designed EQ, reverb, saturation, delay and more.


Add richness, gloss and classic effects to your electric guitar and synth tracks across multiple styles and genres.


Rattle the windows, perfect your low-end, or enhance the groove with definitive and iconic bass effects.


Drive your beat home with epic presets that add punch and power to drums from individual kicks and snares to fully loaded buses.


Bring out vibrant tones and rich character in your acoustic and orchestral instrument tracks and samples.

Hear LANDR FX in action!

Voice demo

Watch as clarity and space are added to lead and backing vocals.

Electric demo

Explore how guitar and synth effects are added and automated.

Bass demo

Hear how depth, high end and grit can accentuate bass lines.

Beats demo

Listen to how Beats adds presence and glue to drum kits.

Acoustic demo

Experience how Acoustic can add space and character to your tracks.

LANDR FX Suite is
included with LANDR Studio

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System requirements


macOS 10.14 or higher



Windows 10 (64 bit) or higher