Let your voice take center-stage in your mixes. Polish, smooth, and control your vocals with everything from tastefully tailored EQ to epic reverb to full-on distortion with over 40 curated presets.

Powerful presets

Fast track your creativity with 46 meticulously crafted presets that deliver polished sound instantly.

Simple control

Get to the sound you crave faster with an easy-to-use blender dial that takes the guesswork out of complex mixing techniques.

Add polish to your vocals

  • Save time & money in the studio with expertly dialed in EQ and effects
  • Clean up vocals with corrective presets like De-Mud and De-Ess
  • Skip complex plugin chains and get the radio-ready color and character you need fast

Get finished vocals—fast

  • Blend FX for your hooks, top-lines and harmonies fast
  • Discover new color and character for your vocals in seconds
  • Get expertly combined multi-fx for vocals in a single plugin

Hear it in action

Watch Oscar-winning engineer Daniel Rowland use LANDR FX Voice to add clarity and space to lead and backing vocals.

LANDR FX Voice is
included with LANDR Studio

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System requirements


macOS 10.14 or higher



Windows 10 or higher (64 bit)