LANDR Guitar

Weave guitar riffs recorded by world-class guitarists into your music with this intuitive virtual guitar instrument. Curated loops, embellishments, and effects accommodate a broad range of genres and playing styles and enable you to easily discover and arrange the perfect guitar flourishes for your track.

Played by pros, produced by you

See how LANDR Guitar helps you add realistic guitar parts to any style of music

A guitar plugin for every
creative stage

Get inspired
Browse the sets and sounds to spark fresh ideas for a new track

Build out ideas
Layer and play sounds in real-time to bring your track to life quickly

Add finishing touches
Add short licks or riffs to add that final ear candy to tracks

How does it work?

White keys

Trigger longer loops that give you full riffs in a broad range of styles, genres and phasings.

Orange keys

Add embellishments like bends and trills to accentuate riffs and create realism. 

FX & Modifiers

Control 5 onboard FX and manipulate loop parameters like speed, sync, and octave.


Get genre defying range

Access a diverse array of sets packed with guitar loops recorded by world-class guitarists. Get inspired by sounds from 8 distinct styles, including: 

  • SLATE (Rock (folk/rock)

  • STEEL (Hard Distortion)

  • SKYLINE (Global/Dub/Urban)

  • GOLD (Pop/Mainstage)

  • GLIMMER (Ambient/spectral)

  • SPIRIT (Funk/Soul/Jazz)

  • SLIDE (Blues)

  • SOLAR (Latin)
Experiment with ease

Build complex tracks quickly

Play multiple complimentary guitar loops once – every set automatically matches your project's tempo and key so you never have to worry about sounds meshing seamlessly. Composition and arrangement are possible without any music theory or guitar knowledge required.


Create something unique

Make every set your own using a custom effects pedalboard that let you shape tone, drive, movement, echo, and space. Go a step further and experiment with modifier keys that can be applied to any sound to change hold and sync functions in addition to play direction, speed, and octave.

Set Demos

Electric Lady
Full Voltage
Melodic Refrain
American Beauty
Analog Delay
Neo Soul Arp
Pedal Steel Aura
Latin Nylon

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with LANDR Studio

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System requirements


macOS 10.14 or higher



Windows 10 or higher (64 bit)