LoFi Pitch Dropout

by Yum Audio

Imagine a tape in an old playback system getting stuck and then speeding up again to catch up, adding a nice and subtle flux to the pitch of your signal.

Pitch Dropout allows you to do this randomly, ranging in frequency from very rarely to extremely often, or even controlled precisely through the Dropout button, which you can automate to sync to your beat.

Add character with
subtle to strong pitch errors

Like a virtual tape getting stuck randomly
and catching up again.


Click the Dropout button to immediately trigger the effect. You can also automate this control and use it to trigger the effect in a controlled manner. Set Chance to 0% and syncing the effects to your track with this instead.

6x tasty errors

Pitch Dropout features six different modes, each will give the dropouts a different shape and chance behaviour.

The ghost
of a chance

The Chance slider allows you to tweak this algorithm and therefore define how often the dropouts are happening. When Chance is set to a low value dropouts will happen more rarely - the further you increase Chance the more likely it is that dropouts will happen.

  • • Create subtle to strong pitch errors in your signal

  • • Six different Modes, simulating a variety of dropout behaviors

  • • Mono Dropout Mode affects both channels the same

  • • Stereo Dropout Mode creates wide effects by independent Errors on each channel

  • • Trigger Dropouts by adjustable Chance

  • • Trigger Dropouts manually with the automatable Dropout button

  • • Amount dial to scale overall error intensity

  • • Amount and Chance are finetuned to work with each mode

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System requirements


macOS 10.11 or higher



Windows 10 or higher (64 bit)