Console EQ

by NoiseAsh

Inspired by one of the most famous and desired British Class-A preamps and equalizers ever made. Queen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Adele, Drake … the list continues. The extremely accurate end-to-end circuit emulation which is holding each small detail and true vintage tone of the phenomenal studio equipment.

Little Details Matter

NoiseAsh Audio is proud to bring the original vintage amplifier and eq units into your DAW. Expertly captured, totally detailed, extremely accurate analog models for sculpting your sound just like legendary top-rated British style consoles. Thanks to NoiseAsh modeling technology; warm, bold, and distinguishing analog characteristics, even little details are exactly here in the box now with NEED 73 Console Eq.

Just Like Real Consoles Do

Analog domain components have some little tonal nuance differences which create some deviations concerning their theoretical values. Nuance Deviation System (NDS) is the NoiseAsh Audio proprietary signal processing model, which emulates the sonic character deviations of the analog components. Individual Left-Mid and Right-Side channels can be alternated with NDS. There are plenty of carefully modeled console channels and each number stands for a console channel bearing its deviation. With NDS, real tonal differences can be captured quickly!

Right in your DAW, very easily!

Innovative cutting-edge NoiseAsh technology has given the analog reality with a very light CPU usage, expanded modern features like NDS & Mid/Side options, and maximum accurate Anti-Aliasing Analog tone behavior. NEED 73 Console EQ is much more than an emulation. It’s what every mixing/mastering environment needs for letting you enjoy all the warm tones of a mythical piece of the studio consoles, right in your DAW, in-the-box, very easily!

Product Specifications

Truly accurate circuit reproduction of the most desired British Class-A preamps and equalizers

Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for individual Left/Mid and Right/Side channels

Mid/Side channel processing mode

Additional second mid band (4 Bands total)

Class-A Mic (from 0 dB to 80 dB) and Line (from 0 dB to 10 dB) Preamp model with output gain compensator (Drive Mode)

Complex signature interaction between filters with fabled musical curves

Anti-Aliasing Analog Modeling Engine

Optimized Resizable GUI layout for the effective workflow

Easy on the CPU

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System requirements


Included: VST3, AU, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit only)

macOS 10.9.5 or above

VST3 / AU / AAX host

Intel I3 2ghz or above / Native Apple Silicon (except for AAX)

4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive


Included: VST3, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit only)

Windows 7 64-bit or above

VST3 / AAX host

Intel I3 2ghz or above / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above

4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive