Producer Suite 3

by Orb Plugins

Create, ideate and innovate with AI-composed patterns, melodies and basslines. Elevate your music production and discover limitless creativity.

A smart AI music tool

Orb Producer Suite 3 harnesses the power of AI to effortlessly generate captivating musical ideas and elevate your compositions.

Kickstart creativity

Embrace the future of music. Create infinite unique MIDI possibilities using Orb Producer 3's state-of-the-art AI sequencer.

Easy-to-use parameters

Experience seamless control over your music with an intuitive and powerful user interface. The AI composer guides your composition to transform your ideas into reality.


Innovative AI chord creator

Utilize revolutionary chord progression creation with unlimited customization options. Add unique colors, introduce dissonance and tweak your progressions to define your sound.


AI composer for melodies

Experience the future of melody creation with the AI-powered melody maker module. Unlock endless melody ideas with user-friendly controls and options. Achieve the perfect melody effortlessly and instantly.


Versatile AI arpeggiator module

Elevate your tracks with the easy-to-use arpeggio module, designed for both beginners and advanced users. Delve into a wealth of parameters for crafting complex, captivating arpeggio patterns—giving you the ability to create broken chords in which notes are struck individually.


Dynamic AI bass line generator

Create unique bass lines that complement your track with a module that analyzes your melodies and provides perfect-fit options. Enjoy having a virtual bassist at your fingertips.

Producer Suite 3 by Orb Plugins

4 unique AI music modules—unlock infinite patterns, unique chord progressions, distinctive melodies, custom-made basslines and vibrant arpeggios.

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Creative AI Music Tools

Experience AI-powered music production tools, seamlessly integrated into your DAW.
Accelerate your creative process with rapid, intuitive functionalities, perfect for enhancing your entire music-making workflow.

Extensive preset library

Dive into a world of sound with the advanced wavetable synth, featuring an array of presets crafted by industry professionals. These presets offer unparalleled quality and diversity for your projects.

Intuitive tonality control

User-friendly parameters allow for easy creation of harmonious musical ideas. Select from various tonalities and keys to perfectly match your creative vision.

Seamless DAW compatibility

Designed for versatility, Orb Producer Suite is compatible with most DAWs, supporting both VST3 and AU formats for flawless integration into your music production environment. See system requirements for compatibility.

System requirements

Operation systems

Windows 10+

Mac 10.11+ including Mac M1 (Big Sur, Monterey)

DAW compatibility

*All except Pro Tools (no AAX)