Originals Intimate Grand Piano

by Spitfire Audio

A versatile, up-close-and-personal piano, designed to suit a range of styles — whether for solo composition, accompaniment or as part of a larger ensemble. A vintage Steinway Model A grand, expertly recorded in the intimate acoustics of Castlesound Studios, Scotland.

Classic and versatile

Three bespoke signals capturing the rich timbre, delicate nuance and wide dynamic range of the instrument in pristine detail: Condenser, Ribbon, and Binaural (providing a true-to-life image of the piano in the room).

Customize your sound

Find the precise piano sound you’re looking for with 8 presets ranging from bright to dark and cinematic and a range of custom controls for reverb, hammers, tightness, and pedal.

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What's included

Presets (8)

Direct — The close condensers with reduced mechanical sounds of the hammers and pedal

Intimate — A dry and characterful mix of the two close microphones with the mechanical sounds of the hammers and pedal increased

Broad — A blend of all three signals provides a versatile and characterful sound

Reverberant Ribbons — The ribbons, KU100 and a generous helping of reverb for a colourful, cinematic sound

Ambient — The Binaural signal with the reverb turned up

Soft Drama — A combination of all three signals provides a dramatic and suspenseful sound

Subdued — The upper dynamic layer has been removed to remove brightness from the piano, useful for gentle and pensive moods

Dynamic — The variance in dynamic layers is emphasised to allow for greater control over expression and nuance of the piano

Signals (3)

Condenser — a pair of Neumann M149 microphones for a crisp, full bodied sound.

Ribbon — a pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones providing a characterful and warm sound.

Binaural — Neumann KU100 dummy head, providing a realistic image of the piano, as if you were sitting at the piano yourself. Works particularly well with reverb.

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  • The thing I appreciate the most about this library is how good quality it is. It really sounds like you're playing on a real piano. You really feel that "intimacy" when playing. I love it.

    Morris A

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