by Sound Ghost

A powerful plugin designed to add unique textures and sonic layers to your tracks. Texturize offers a wide range of sounds that can transform your music, giving it depth and character.

Transform your tracks with Texturize

From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, Texturize offers the tools you need to elevate your music. Add complexity and interest to your compositions with this versatile plugin.

Unlock new creative possibilities

Find the right texture fast with TexturizeFind the right texture fast with Texturize

Find the right texture fast with Texturize

Explore a vast library of presets created by top industry designers. With intuitive tagging, sorting, and searching, finding the perfect texture for your track is quick and easy.

Shape your sound with precise control

Texturize offers detailed modulation options, allowing you to shape and twist your sounds. Add movement and dynamics with built-in effects and modulation capabilities.


• Extensive library of unique presets
• Detailed modulation options
• Built-in effects for dynamic sound shaping
• Intuitive tagging and searching for easy navigation
• Innovative features for creative sound design

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System requirements


macOS 10.13 or higher


Windows 10 (Build 1909+) (64 bit)