BioTek 1

by Tracktion

A powerhouse sampling and synthesis workstation offering unlimited sound design in a unique and inspirational environment – evolve your own sound.


Biotek offers a four-band equalizer per voice. Please read again: per voice. Contrary to other electronic instruments, the equalizer in Biotek is not placed behind the sum, it is part of the Sound layer. While this doesn‘t make any difference when you just set it up statically, it certainly does so when you modulate its bands. You can edit the equalizer by using either the controls or the response graphic.


Biotek features four Oscillators with typical analog waveforms and the ability to play back samples. The Oscillators have the same parameter with the only exception that if a waveform or a sample is selected, the parameters differ.

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System requirements


macOS 10.9 or higher



Windows 7 or higher