Digital Synsations

by UVI

Explore the legendary sound of the ‘90s with 4 instruments inspired by some of the most famous digital synths of the time. With more than 600 presets, Digital Synsations Vol.1 delivers a massive collection of stirring sounds with distinct but familiar character. Explore the instruments that defined a decade of popular music, with new and classic sounds perfect for music of any style, from synthwave to modern production and beyond.

4 unique instruments
600 tailored presets
Advanced arpeggiator


The original hardware combines next generation FM synthesis with 16-bit sampled sounds from internal memory or stored on removable ROM cards. The AFM engine on these synths allows you to freely apply filters and envelopes to any of the sampled sounds and then roll the resulting waveforms back into the FM algorithm prior to further filtering. This novel approach, dubbed RCM hybrid synthesis, can be used to yield extremely versatile sonic results.


The Korg M1 employs Advanced Integrated synthesis, a hybrid synthesis engine that allows the creation of sounds made up of 16-bit multisamples or harmonic tables generated by digital analysis from sample data similar to additive synthesis. These methods can be employed in parallel for even greater sonic diversity.


The Ensoniq VFX uses a wavetable-like synthesis method similar to that of the PPG Wave. Up to 6 waves can be combined and layered into a single patch which feeds an impressive array of dual multi-mode filters, three 11-stage envelopes, an LFO and a 24-bit effects processor. Advanced parameter mapping allows up to 15 sources to be used for extremely complex modulations and sound shaping.


A very popular Japanese synth with a purely digital signal path allowing the combination of 8-bit PCM samples with linear arithmetic synthesis to produce single hybrid sounds or complex cross modulations between the two. Furthermore you can layer two of these sounds together into a patch for a total of 4 digital OSCs. Each OSC can be independently programmed resulting in a remarkable variety of tonal possibilities.

Audio demos

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System requirements


Mac OS X 10.14 to macOS 13 (64-bit)

Audio Unit, AAX, VST, VST3, Standalone


Windows 10 to Windows 11 (64-bit)

Audio Unit, AAX, VST, VST3, Standalone