VocAlign Standard

by SynchroArts

Powerful but streamlined vocal time-alignment plugin. Now with an enhanced interface, Pro Tools ARA compatibility and more.

Tight vocals, fast

Fast, accurate, transparent vocal alignment. Save time in the studio with efficiency-boosting features like SmartAlign to quickly process vocal stacks and presets to find your perfect sound in seconds.

Tightness control for any scenario

Control the strength of your alignment to infuse your vocal production with your personal style—maintain a natural sound in any vocal scenario or genre by dialing the tightness of your alignment up or down with a simple knob.

Enhanced interface

Interface enhancements allow for a lightning-fast workflow and dark-theme visuals improve working-session comfort. View or hide control panels to maintain control over your interface and  zoom or scroll over the main edit display to get a quick overview of your work.

Seamless DAW Integration

Audition processed audio in your DAW instantly with the revolutionary ARA plugin extension. ARA enables VocAlign to communicate instantly most DAWs, including Pro Tools as an updated feature in VocAlign version 6. 

Listen to VocAlign Project Sound Examples

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  • VocAlign is steady and always gives great results. It’s an essential tool for any mixer or producer.

    Daniel Moyler
    Daniel MoylerEngineer (George Ezra, Dua Lipa, Lianne La Havas)

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System requirements


macOS 10.8 or higher



Windows 10 or higher (64 bit)