You Can Now Rent-to-Own LANDR Mastering Plugin On Splice

LANDR Mastering Plugin launched, to great reception around the music industry only a few weeks ago.

The plugin has since received rave reviews from major industry outlets like Sound On Sound, Mix, Create Digital Music, MusicRadar and a host of world-renowned producers.

“With the LANDR Mastering Plugin seamlessly integrated into my DAW, I can deliver masters that meet and exceed expectations of both indie clients and majors.”- Devine Evans, 5X GRAMMY Award-winning producer (Rihanna, Pharrell Williams)

Now, we’re proud to announce that LANDR Mastering Plugin will also be available on Splice’s rent-to-own plugin marketplace.

That means you can get access to the plugin for monthly payments that lead to full ownership.

Here’s the details about this exciting new way to buy LANDR Mastering Plugin.

What is Splice’s rent-to-own program?

Sometimes the pro-grade plugins that A-list producers swear by come at a higher price.

To help all producers afford premium plugins, Splice offers a rent-to-own program that allows everyone to access plugins through a monthly payment system.

Rather than paying the entire price of a plugin upfront, music producers can instead pay a recurring monthly fee over a time-based payment schedule.

At any time, a producer can pause their payments until they wish to reaccess the plugin. After the producer has made all their payments, they own the plugin fully.

It’s a great way to democratize access to plugins, and lower purchase anxiety when deciding to buy high-end plugins.

Why rent-to-own LANDR Mastering plugin?

If cash flow is preventing you from purchasing the plugin in one lump sum, this is a great option especially if you want to own LANDR Mastering Plugin forever.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this new partnership with LANDR, affordable access to mastering is a huge opportunity for all Splice users” - Splice

How much is it to rent-to-own LANDR Mastering on Splice?

Renting to own LANDR Mastering plugin is a very affordable option.

Right now, you can own LANDR Mastering plugin with fifteen payments of $19.95 per month!

And you can pause your payments, restart them or pay the balance to fully own the plugin at any time.

We want everyone to be able to take part in the revolution

LANDR revolutionized the all-important process of mastering when it launched its AI-based mastering tool ten years ago.

Ever since, we’ve put a ton of work into honing, training and building the best mastering tool in the music industry.

Backed by a decade of AI research, optimization and adoption by the music industry at large, we’re sticking to our goal of democratizing access to the best music production tools.

That’s why you’ll find the LANDR Mastering Plugin on Splice’s Rent-to-Own marketplace.

Head over to Splice to rent the plugin now!