Tonic: The most powerful AI mastering engine in music

Tonic is the only online mastering engine built from billions of data points from over 10 million mastered tracks. Find your style, take control of your sound and get instant professional mastering.

Included with Advanced and Pro plans:

Mastering styles

Your style and voice come first in your music. Tonic gives you the tools you need to preserve your unique sound and get professional mastering that fits your approach. Take control with three unique mastering styles each with its own character and feel.


Vintage warmth with softer compression for thick, smooth sound


Controlled, with focus on balance, clarity and depth


Modern, open sound with emphasis on punch and presence

Mastering preferences 

Choose your Mastering Preferences and get the custom mastering workflow that’s ready when you are. Save your favorite Style and Intensity to speed up your mastering process and finish tracks fast.

The masters are significantly different in flavour and in EQ. I can notice the different nuances of each profile.

Nik MetaxasIndie/Folk Singer-songwriter, Pro subscriber

Volume matching

Preview your original and master at the same volume to compare with more accuracy and make important decisions about your mixes. Hear the precision behind the processing and choose the best master every time.

Direct upload 

Bounce mixes directly to the LANDR mastering app and go from DAW to done in seconds. Make automatic mastering part of your production workflow with the LANDR app.

Built on the best mastering AI in music, Tonic makes instant mastering a powerful part of every step of music production.

Tonic is a new era in mastering that puts the sound quality and power from a half-decade of research into your production workflow.

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Included with Advanced and Pro plans

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