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© LANDR Audio Inc. 2023 - All Rights Reserved

This Copyright Policy describes how LANDR protects copyrights, ensures compliance with copyrights, and responds to take-down notices. It also contains information on how to make take-down notices. We understand the importance of copyrights and we will take seriously claims of infringement.

If you have any questions on this Copyright Policy, you can reach out to us at,

No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified, or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials.

  • You may share this website by any of the following means:
  • Using any of the share icons located on the website;
  • Provide a back-link or the URL of the content you wish to disseminate; and
  • You may quote extracts from the website with attribution to

For any other mode of sharing, please contact us at

Commercial use and distribution of the contents of the website are not allowed without express and prior written consent of the author.

Understanding Copyrights

“Copyrights” are a form of legal protection given to content creators. It protects the expression of an idea, and not an idea itself. While the protection granted to copyrights may vary from one jurisdiction to another one, it generally includes blogs, emails, letters, training materials, sound recordings, audiovisual works, as well as computer software.

Your Obligations

When using our online platform and services (our “Services”), you are required to comply with this Copyright Policy, as well as with our Terms of Services. This means that you have to comply with these rules regarding copyrights:

  • You can only use the website content, information, audio, materials, media, and sounds (the “LANDR Content”) that we make available to you based on the licenses granted in the Terms of Services. The LANDR Content available on our website is subject to copyrights, and you cannot use it without our authorization. This means that you cannot redistribute the LANDR Content without modifications.
  • You will not distribute audio, materials, media, and sounds (the “User Content”) without having the rights to do so. If you perform a cover song, you must have the right to distribute and declare all the information required at the time of distribution.
  • You cannot pledge, mortgage, or otherwise encumber any part of the User Content that you distribute through the Services. 
  • You are responsible for attributing copyrights in relation to any User Content that you distribute through the Services, such as those of contributors, including artists that contribute to associated artwork.
  • You cannot copy, infringe or misappropriate the copyrights of others, including by uploading User Content without rights or using another person’s likeness, or image. You should only upload User Content that you have made or that you have the right to use. This means that you should not upload content for which the rights are owned by someone else, including music tracks and recordings.

Your use of the Services does not give you any right to assert or imply that you are, or that your use of the LANDR Content is, connected with, or sponsored, endorsed, or granted official status by LANDR or any other artists.

You may provide a copyright notice of a maximum of characters in length as indicated by LANDR for any distributed User Content, in which case, the digital stores through which the User Content is distributed will include this copyright notice in a manner that can be viewed prior to purchase of a recording.


Some features within the Services allow you to collaborate with others (each a “Collaborator”). Collaborators are responsible for determining the terms of the collaboration, including the attribution of copyrights, such as how the copyrights are shared, what happens in the event a Collaborator is disabled or passes away, who can give rights over the Recordings, how credits will be given to the User Content generated, and in what order. We can’t provide you with legal advice on what’s best for you, and none of the information that we provide you should be interpreted as legal advice. We have a blog to help you understand some key concepts relating to the music industry here, but if you are thinking of distributing User Content generated with Collaborators through our Services, you should consider getting a lawyer to draft an agreement for you. It’s better to think ahead and plan for the unexpected before the distribution of the User Content.  

Collaborators must be users of the Services to receive their royalties, otherwise, you are also responsible for managing the payment of royalties to these Collaborators.

Notices of Infringement

If you have reason to believe that the LANDR Content, the User Content, or any material accessible through our Services has been copied and is accessible on the Services in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or that the Services contains links or other references to another site, application, destination or service that contains content or activity that infringes your copyright rights, you may notify us by providing the following information:

  • A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed, or a representative list of the copyrighted works that you claim have been infringed.
  • The material or link you claim is infringing (or the subject of the infringing activity) and to which access is to be disabled, including, at a minimum, if applicable, the URL of the link shown within the Services or the exact location where such material may be found.
  • Provide your company affiliation (if applicable), mailing address, telephone number, and, if available, email address.
  • Include both of the following statements in the body of the notice:
  • Provide your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature, if we are required to obtain it from you to respond.

You can contact our Copyright Agent using this mailing address:

Legal Department

#809 - 160 St-Viateur Est

Montréal, Qc, Canada, H2T 1A8
By e-mail at

We are a Canadian company and we are not directly subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but we take notices of infringement seriously and we will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement.

Responding to these claims and investigating breaches of copyrights can be intensive in resources and cause significant disagreements to individuals targeted by a claim. Misrepresentations made in a notice claiming that User Content, LANDR Material, or any content is in violation of the law may expose you to liability for damages (including costs and attorney fees). You are responsible for considering copyright defenses, limitations, or exceptions before making a claim to us or sending us a notice. If you’re not sure of your claim, think about first contacting an attorney. You should also make sure that we have the capabilities to take action. If the content does not reside within our Services, we do not have control over it. 

Responses to Copyright Infringement Claims

Upon reception of a notice of copyrights infringements, or if we discover that you have been involved in a copyright infringement, or might have been involved, we will review the information available and take the action that we deem appropriate under the laws, including the removal of the challenged content from our Services.

While we investigate, we may suspend the distribution or availability of your User Content, of your royalties or the distribution of the royalties, or even access to the Services. We will give you a reasonable chance to provide us with explanations in response to such claims.

You understand that we may take down, remove, suspend the distribution of, and permanently delete User Content that we reasonably believe is in infringement of another person’s copyrights. You agree to cooperate with us as necessary to resolve any such claims affecting your User Content.

You also understand that we may notify any online digital stores that the content distributed is in violation of another party’s copyrights. The online digital stores will handle this claim in accordance with their policies.

Your Rights in Case of a Notices of Infringement

If you believe that your User Content was wrongfully removed, disabled, or made unavailable according to this Copyright Policy, you have the right to provide our Copyright Agent with a counter-notice containing the following information for our review:

  • Your physical or electronic signature, if required by us in accordance with the law.
  • The identification of the User Content that was removed or to which access has been disabled as a result of a mistake or a misidentification of the User Content
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address. 

We may share your counter notice with the party that initially claimed you to inform them that we have decided against their claim based on this response. Unless the copyright owner then files an action seeking a court order, we may decide to make your User Content available again, continue the distribution or otherwise restore access within 30 days of receiving such notice. We will not defend you in law or front of a court of law under any situation.

You agree that you may be required to submit proof of resolution prior to us resuming the Services and reactivating any distribution of the User Content. 

Repeat Infringement 

LANDR takes copyright infringement seriously, and we may suspend your rights to use the Services forever if we find that you have been a repeat infringer of our copyrights or the copyrights of others. We define in our sole discretion what is a repeat infringer, and it includes minimally users that have received more than one claim of infringement. We may also suspend, confiscate, or freeze your royalties as explained in the Terms of Services.

Change to this Copyright Policy

We may change this Copyright Policy from time to time, including as necessary to respond to legal requirements. If we do so, we will try our best to inform you either by email or through a notice in the Services.