Take the Music Studio With you with LANDR’s Apps for Music Collaboration

LANDR, founded in 2013, has recently launched powerful new desktop and mobile apps for music productivity and collaboration.
These tools help give music creators and collaborators a greater sense of connection, context, convenience, and control from wherever they work.

These new apps provide collaboration tools for musicians and music producers that have been carefully built to address key needs shared by the musician community, sourced from extensive research, interviews, and beta testing. 

The result of meeting these needs is a highly usable software designed to bring musicians:

  • Greater productivity
  • File privacy and security
  • Richer interactions with collaborators
  • Workflow automation to speed up their creative process

In short, LANDR is an end-to-end platform for music creation, from the first note to full distribution.

Who is LANDR?

Founded in 2013, LANDR is a platform where music makers can create, master, and distribute their music. Powered by a passionate team of engineers, producers, and musicians, LANDR continues its groundbreaking work at the intersection of music and technology, combining the broadest set of tools and services in the industry under one platform to support both emerging and professional creators.

LANDR has made quite a name for itself in the music industry. Billboard tells us that “labels like Warner Bros., Atlantic, and Disney Music Group use it regularly, and Interscope employed LANDR for the remixes of Lady Gaga‘s song “‘Til It Happens to You.”

What Makes LANDR the Best App for Music Collaboration, Creation, and Distribution?

LANDR provides the music world with the most comprehensive set of tools on the market. If you are a musician, your LANDR subscription is all you need. On the LANDR platform, you can do it all:

  • Start your project
  • Add samples
  • Experiment with instruments and synths
  • Perfect your sound with plugins
  • Export your track and trade feedback with collaborators
  • Master your final mix
  • Distribute and promote it to the wider world

In other words, there’s no need to create your music on one app, save it to a separate file-sharing app, discuss it over a messaging app, and then edit and master from multiple files. 

LANDR combines creation tools, online music collaboration software, and file sharing, so musicians don’t need to wrestle with their tech. LANDR is a unique all-in-one solution. 

And to make sure that LANDR is the go-to app for music pros, the platform features both a desktop app and a fully-integrated mobile app.

Both the Mobile and Desktop applications are free to use and are available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. With a LANDR Studio subscription, users can enjoy the features to their fullest with unlimited mastering formats, unlimited distribution, premium collaboration tools, over $2500 worth of plugins, and much more.

Download the LANDR mobile and desktop apps now! 

LANDR Mobile App for Remote Music Collaboration

LANDR’s mobile app focuses mostly on maximizing music collaboration tools. “Our phones are now a major tool in the way that people make music,” says Daniel Rowland, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at LANDR and award-winning producer. He continues,

Producers want to gut-check their masters in the car. Engineers want to be able to give and respond to feedback from their clients on the go. Musicians want to interact with the community whenever inspiration strikes. With LANDR Mobile, that’s now all possible.”

LANDR mobile makes taking your library wherever you need it easier than ever. With the Mobile app, users like you can easily access and stream their library content from anywhere. You can also take advantage of the rich interactive tools like leaving feedback on shared tracks using time-stamped text and video annotations and participating in high-quality video calls where DAW audio can be streamed with minimal latency. Creators can also create their own channels to host their projects or showcase their work on community channels.

In-App Communication

Part of what makes LANDR Mobile the best software for music collaboration is that it features a built-in communication platform to make sure you never miss a beat. You can not only share tracks, but you can create time-stamped comments within them, and then open them in the desktop app to make changes or edits in response.

With LANDR Mobile, you can communicate in writing, or via high-quality video and audio calls as well. Just like other messaging apps, you’ll be alerted immediately when your collaborators share their thoughts.

Mobile Library

LANDR Mobile lets you take your library on the road. Imagine being able to play your tracks anywhere you go, without mixing them down first. Whether you’re gut-checking demos in the car or sharing your latest progress with collaborators, access to your tracks is just a touch away.

And because LANDR’s platform stores your tracks internally, you’ll never have to worry about privacy. Users will have full control of file access privileges and a suite of sharing settings to make sure that original work stays that way.

LANDR Desktop App for The Studio and Beyond

Whether you are working on mastering tracks in the studio or you need online music collaboration software, you can find it all on LANDR’s desktop platform. By bringing the complete LANDR platform into your desktop, you can streamline your entire DAW workflow. And because a subscription to LANDR Studio comes with Ableton Live Lite, it can even help you with your DAW itself.

LANDR’s updated Desktop app also boasts features that help minimize internet distractions and keep users focused and informed. In addition to the features in the Mobile app, automatic desktop mastering means users can master their tracks instantly without ever leaving their DAW. The app also offers native notifications and low CPU usage, ensuring that users stay connected and productive without slowing their system down.

Without ever leaving LANDR, you can do all of the following things:

  • Master your tracks
  • Collaborate
  • Share tracks

As LANDR explains on its website:

“The purpose of mastering is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement.”

With LANDR, mastering a track is as easy as exporting it. With the desktop app’s parallel pathing, you can preview a track by sending it to your bounce folder. The LANDR AI-driven mastering engine does the rest. LANDR’s mastering engine helps musicians get polished release-ready results. 

A Day in (And Out of) the Studio with LANDR

LANDR is designed to be easy to use, and easy to take on the road with you. To best understand what it looks like in action, let’s imagine we are a musician working on a project.

We’ll start our day in the studio, and in the LANDR desktop app. We’re working in Ableton Live Lite, and have been importing samples, looping in instruments, and balancing effects to get our project the way we want it. And with a LANDR Studio subscription, you’ll have a library of effects and samples at your fingertips.

Next, you can send your track to your LANDR bounce folder, instead of exporting your sing, waiting for it to mix down, and saving it to a hard drive or external application. The LANDR desktop app will pull in all of your preferred mastering settings, and run in the background to create a version of your track that can be shared, edited, or distributed.

With your work in the bounce folder, it’s time for a meeting with your writing partner. You can share the track with them directly from LANDR without needing to upload it to a file-sharing application. While you drive, your writing partner can listen to the new track and make annotated comments directly in the file. There’s no need to even note timestamps, as the comments will be visible in the wave file in your app.

Even better, while you are in the car (in the driveway, of course) you can open the LANDR mobile app, access your bounce folder, and listen to your track through your car’s incredible system. It’s the perfect gut check for your work. And, while you aren’t driving, you can make notes for yourself to address later.

Later, back in the studio, it’s easy to address all of the notes you and your collaborators have made, master the track again, and begin the distribution of your track directly from the LANDR app.

LANDR keeps everything in one place

As you can see, LANDR is the best app for online music collaboration with partners near and far. In fact, Fast Company says that LANDR’s functionality “has propelled LANDR to have more than 4.4 million producers, composers, musicians and labels on the platform.”

Without the LANDR apps, music collaboration too often looks like massive email threads, a mess of text messages, and dozens of versions of the same track being saved to a file-sharing drive. Each edit requires a new version to be exported and saved, and you’ll soon be overwhelmed by music files. The large file size will fill your hard drive and email storage space.

You may meet over video chat with your producer or collaborators, to work through a track, but is everyone on the same version? Sending files back and forth simply isn’t the best way to work. 

The 4 Cs guide LANDR’s approach to music collaboration, creation, and distribution:

  • Connection
  • Context
  • Convenience
  • Control

It’s easy to see how these play out in the function and usability of the platform itself

If you're a producer working with clients, or a musician working with collaborators, it's about speed. How can I do it as quickly as possible, and be able to translate the vision to my team as accurately as possible? 

LANDR’s music collaboration tools allow creators to do precisely that.

With the specificity of things like timestamp tools and high-quality video chat, it is easier than ever to get everyone on the same page. And with LANDR’s mobile app, a solo artist can function in the same way.

When an artist is in the car reviewing tracks, they are the critic. And LANDR makes sure that when they go back into the studio, they know exactly what the critiques were, and where they need to make changes. 

As a result of their mission “to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard,” LANDR was built, from the start, to democratize the whole idea of the music studio. With LANDR’s apps, music collaboration can happen anywhere. A music studio no longer has to be a single building. It can be a closet, or a basement, or a car. 

Thanks to LANDR’s cloud-based collaborative platform, artists can work in real-time from anywhere. They can take advantage of professional tools and their broader network from home on the desktop app, or from the park on the mobile app.

Download the LANDR mobile and desktop apps now!