Simple yet powerful VST plugins

Explore LANDR’s curated VST plugins selected to drive creative confidence and help you get a professional sound quickly and reliably.


Add style and character your tracks with a range of VST plugin effects that give you access to a world of creative sonic possibilities.


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Produce lush tracks no matter your style, genre or instrument with a complete suite of multi-FX plugins that work with any mix.


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Perfect and polish your vocal tracks with the help of professionally designed EQ, reverb, saturation, delay and more.


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Rattle the windows, perfect your low-end, or enhance the groove with definitive and iconic bass effects.


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Drive your beat home with epic FX that add punch and power to drums from individual kicks and snares to fully loaded buses.

LANDR FX Acoustic

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Bring out vibrant tones and rich character in your acoustic and orchestral instrument tracks and samples.

LANDR FX Electric

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Add richness, gloss and classic effects to your electric guitar and synth tracks across multiple styles and genres.


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Bring harmonic richness and warm, vintage vibes to your next mix with faithful tape emulation based on real, 70s era machines.

Rev PLATE-140

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Get iconic, silky smooth reverb with bright overtones based on the legendary EMT 140 unit.



Versatile yet simple and easy to use, this must-have compressor is an essential tool for any producer.

MixBox SE


Harness the power of 24 quality FX plugins and supercharge your next mix. Works with or without your favorite DAW.


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Vintage vibes meet classic amplifiers to help you add grit to your mix, warm up your guitar and shape your EQ.

TimeShaper 3

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Manipulate time in your song with stutter, half-time, tape-stop, glitch and more.

Flare & Fusia

Puremagnetik logo

Shift and shimmer your pitch with Fusia or use Flare to add delay, tremolo and more with this perfect, audio-shaping duo.


Eventide logo

Add grit, distortion, sustain, and fuzz to your tracks to get everything from smooth saturation to dirty overdrive.

NEED 73 Console EQ

NoiseAsh logo

Shape the tonal balance of your mix with an accurate emulation of a legendary preamp/EQ console.

LoFi - Pitch Dropout

Yum Audio logo

Inject vintage vibes and lo-fi flavor into your mix with customizable, virtual tape error audio effects.

LoFi - Flux Light

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Live your best lo-fi life with analog modeled tape warble. Add as much or as little of the effect as you'd like.

Producer Suite 3

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Elevate your music production with 4 unique AI sequencer modules encompassing the core facets of music—Orb Chords, Orb Melodies, Orb Arpeggiator and Orb Bass.


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Texturize adds depth and complexity with innovative texturizing, enhancing your tracks with rich, layered sounds and pre-loaded presets.


Create your music with a genre-defying range of versatile synths, instruments, and sample-based VST plugins.

LANDR Guitar

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Discover riffs recorded by a diverse range of world-class guitarists and effortlessly infuse them into your tracks.


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Set the mood with Chromatic—the only loop player made by artists for artists. Color meets sound.

Analog Lab Intro

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Be a synth legend with hundreds of inspiring keyboard presets. Features 23 instruments and Arturia's True Analog Emulation®️.


Lunacy Audio logo

3D sample morphing at your fingertips. Includes 120+ presets, 35 amazing sound sources and curated sound design tools.

Originals Intimate Grand Piano

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Harnesses the quality of a beautiful Steinway piano and 3 microphone techniques for an intimate and realistic sound.

BioTek 1

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This powerful sampling and synth workstation offers unparalleled sound design and infinite inspiration.

SynthMaster 2 Player

KV331 Audio

Get inspired by this fully-stacked synth—packed with 2000 factory presets from world-renowned sound designers.

SampleTank 4 SE


Light but robust, this sound and groove station includes over 30GB of samples, 2,000 sounds, over 70 effects and more.

M-Tron Select

GF logo

This carefully curated instrument offers a huge library of tape banks and presets from vintage keys to contemporary soundscapes.

Usynth Core

ujam logo

Discover bass, arpeggios, leads and more with the veritable swiss army knife of synths. Designed by industry vet Peter Gorges.

Digital Synsations

Add retro flair to your track with four classic 90's synths and over 600 new and classic patches.


MNTRA logo

Build a cinematic landscape with instruments and techniques inspired by medieval, nordic, and pan-Asian musical cultures.


Yum Audio logo

Get unparalleled rhythmic and melodic control with the ultimate arpeggiator and mini-synth.


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A fat polysynth with a huge range of sounds, based on the legendary 70’s hardware synth.

AAS Session Bundle

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3 expressive electric piano, guitar and analog synths

Production Tools

Bring ideas to life with essential tools including a DAW, composition assistants, vocal processors, an AI mastering plugin and more.

LANDR Mastering Plugin PRO

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Shape your sound with fast, pro-level AI mastering right in your DAW.

VocAlign Standard

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Deliver professional, perfectly aligned vocals in seconds with the world’s #1 vocal alignment plugin.

*VocAlign Project 5 is now called VocAlign Standard

RePitch Elements

Get fast, simple, natural-sounding vocal tuning. Tune vocals quickly and get natural-sounding results with ease.

Live 12 Lite

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Ableton's world-famous DAW is a fresh and easy way to write, record, produce and perform your own songs.


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Emulate a variety of audio devices to test your mix before you release.

LANDR Samples

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Get access to the full LANDR Sample library without ever leaving your DAW.

LANDR Sessions

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Online music collaboration done right. Stream HQ audio directly from your DAW without complicated setups.

LANDR Desktop

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The LANDR Desktop app lets you master your tracks, collaborate, create and more—all without ever having to open a browser.

Cubase LE

Yum Audio logo

Cubase LE is a powerful DAW for recording, editing, and mixing, featuring multi-track recording, Padshop granular synth, and advanced audio effects.

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